The dream of converting sea water to potable drinking water is as old as humans are. It was not possible till now, but with rapid growth in Nano Technology and Smart Electronics and new materials that dream would be a reality in a very short while.

Aquamarine is in the process of developing sea water desalination system to provide free potable drinking water to people living near coastal regions of underdeveloped countries like Africa.

The idea is to have small scalable units or cells which can be immersed in oceans or sea water and potable water can be extracted from them without the use of electricity. Each cell shall be capable of producing between 300‐500 liters of water per 24 hrs and will require only 4 sq ft of sea water surface area. Dual use trussing is installed on the surface like a jetty is done in open seas. Minimum use of electricity is required to evacuate the water inside the cell to evacuation channels, which safely carry the water to a bigger reservoir.

• Ultra Nano Filtration Membranes
• Graphene Filters
• Ultra Compact Variable Frequency Evacuation Pumps
• Mems Based Water Quality Sensors
• Submersible Electronics
• Sealed Polymer Cell Structure
• Dual Use Sea Worthy Trussing

• Small Pods which can be kept in calm ocean
• Capacity 100-200 litres potable water, per day, per pod
• No maintenance
• No electricity required for filtration
• Very small electricity required for evacuation of water which will be supplied by Solar power


Traditional Plants

  • Traditional Desalination plants are extremely capital intensive and require huge amount of electricity and other resources.
  • Cost : 1.5-2 Billion USD per plant.
  • Requires 1000-1500 mw of electricity.
  • Regular Maintenance is required.
  • e.g Plants installed in Saudi Arabia and middle east

Current Plants

  • The new type of desalination plants are less capital intensive and require considerably less electricity.
  • Cost : 900-1000 Million USD.
  • Requires 250-300 mw of electricity.
  • Require regular maintenance : change the membranes every 3-5 months
  • e.g Installed in Israel by IDE


  • Our Solution requires only 0.65 times of the capital of Israel type of desalination plants and electricity requirement minimal.
  • Cost : approx. 650 Million USD per plant
  • Virtually no maintenance is required : no need to change the membranes for an extended period of time.

COST : The cost of the complete project from start till end is approximately One Billion EURO


Please fund our endeavor to turn this dream into reality and pave way for healthy living conditions for all humanity in times to come.