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About the program

  • The weight loss program is followed by a maintenance Program. Maintenance is a kind of bridge between the weight loss diets and a normal diet pattern. We don't recommend heavy exercising such as weight-training as this would hamper the weight loss process. Physical activities of minimum 30-40 minutes, like a brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, Yoga, pranayam and other light and warm-up exercises are advised as these are healthy and will at the same time, help in boosting the metabolism of the body.
  • Our program is based on natural diets and Ayurveda
  • Before modifying your diets will take your brief medical history, life style, eating habits, likes dislikes, blood group and ayurvedic constitution.
  • In this program your eating out and travelling is also covered.
  • We don't have any target based program, weight loss varies from person to person, but average weight loss that we observe is 2- 3 kg in a month as per WHO guidelines.
  • It can be more but that depends how you follow your diets
  • Diets will be sent to you every 2-3 days and we will need a weight update on daily basis and for that you should have digital weighing machine.

Our Client Reviews

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