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Getting back into shape after pregnancy doesn't just help you look your best – it is essential to giving you the energy you need to take care of your family. Safe and effective, the Body after Baby Plan is designed to meet the unique nutritional needs you have after pregnancy for quick and healthy weight management. In addition to losing weight, you'll sleep more soundly, improve your mood, reduce stress and grow stronger. Moms will see amazing results, and learn how to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family

Body image is among the greatest concerns of women during the first year after childbirth. The desire to lose weight and tone muscles in the postpartum period is common concern after child birth in today's society. Weight reduction can be difficult for anyone at anytime, but a mother who is trying to return to her pre-pregnancy weight is also challenged with additional stresses of increased child care commitments, less rest and sleep, household responsibilities, and, possibly, returning to work outside the home.

A healthy pregnancy is dependent on a well-balanced diet, supplemented with certain vitamins and minerals. Blood loss always occurs during delivery and it is essential to get iron supplementation during the pregnancy to prevent anemia when the baby is born. Anemia is very common in women who have not taken additional iron, particularly those women who have a number of pregnancies over a short period of time. Folic acid (folate) is also necessary to prevent anemia.

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